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Col Benjamin B. Farrell
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Here’s what others are saying:

“Thank you so much for being an integral part of Fork & Gavel, our school’s annual fundraiser/auction. We had used local auctioneers before, but never anyone of your caliber or expertise. Initially, our planning committee was a bit leery at due to the expense of bringing in an “outside” professional. Needless to say, the entire committee is extremely happy we decided to utilize your talent and services because (as you know) we set a new record in proceeds at this year’s event and exceeded our fundraising goals.

The feedback we received about you (and the event itself) has been phenomenal – words like “entertaining” and “exciting” were used in abundance. We also appreciated your ideas during the planning phase and willingness to get your hands dirty at the event setup. All which helped to create a very successful fundraising event for our school.

We certainly hope you can join us again for next year’s Fork & Gavel, and would definitely recommend you to others who may be looking to take their fundraiser auctions to the next level.

Thanks again for making the 2010 Fork & Gavel a very special night.”

– Kristina Montague
Fork & Gavel Committee Chair

  “I can’t begin to thank Ben Farrell enough for his expertise, professionalism and excitement as auctioneer for our Holiday Charity Auction Benefit for Mark Lane.  We exceeded our goals by nearly doubling our expectations. The audience was wowed by Ben’s enthusiasm, humor and compassion. I believe having Ben Farrell as our auctioneer for this event was the factor in us obtaining and surpassing our goals.

Thank you Ben for all your efforts on this event. I will be utilizing Custom Benefit Auctions again and wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to refer you to others who are raising money and will benefit from your service.”

– Giovanni Masucci, CEO, President
National Digital Forensics, Inc.

  “I have been in the fund-raising industry for more than 15 years and this was the first time I have ever used a professional auctioneer at one of my events. I was a bit leery at first as we were trying to put an fund-raiser together at the last minute and we decided to use an auctioneer only two weeks prior to the event. Once I saw Mr. Farrell in action I was utterly blown away.

He’s not just an auctioneer, but a fantastic entertainer. He engages his audience and gets everyone excited about bidding and making a difference for the charity he is working for. I truly believe we would not have raised the amount of money we were able to if he had not been there.

Mr. Farrell is not only a consumate professional, but a gentle man who has an amazing heart. We are thrilled to be associated with this wonderful man and look forward to working with him in the future.”

– Amy J. Carver
Executive Director, Children’s Flight of Hope.

“Ben Farrell did a tremendous job for our auction benefiting Boys & Girls Clubs serving Wake County, North Carolina. Although we have sponsored this event for four years, this was the first year we used a professional auctioneer, and Ben’s services really made a huge difference for us.

We were able to raise more money from our Live Auction thanks to him. He kept the crowd interested and entertained, while keeping the bids growing. He was also a true professional throughout, and helped us in the planning process as well. He provided valuable information that we will put to good use for future events, and we definitely look forward to working with Ben again!

– Jan Johnston, Event Chair
Downtown Appetite for Art

“Ben Farrell had an enormous impact on two of the Kids ‘N Community Foundation’s 2008-2009 major annual fundraisers: Charity Golf Tournament and Charity Casino Night and Wine Tasting. Ben and I began brainstorming on the golf tournament before he was even officially hired – a true testament to his auctioneering and fundraising passion. It didn’t take but one phone call to realize Ben was the man for the job. And, immediately after the golf tournament, I knew we had to secure him for Casino Night.

Ben conducted the live auctions for both the Golf Tournament and Charity Casino Night and Wine Tasting. More importantly, he provided auction insights and ideas to help improve our fundraising ability at each event. Not only does Ben have an enthusiastic presence on the live auction stage, but also, he becomes one of the crowd during the silent auctions. He builds relationships with attendees and says the right words to encourage their participation in the silent auction. He conducted his own research on our Foundation so he was prepared and knowledgeable to speak to event attendees about where their money was going.

It is safe to say that our fundraisers would not have been as successful without Ben’s help. Thank you, Ben!”

-Katharine Kelley
Community Relations Assistant


“Ben, I am so happy you were the auctioneer for Victory4Valerie Benefit Auction. It was absolutely one of the best decisions that we made. When you joined our team, you worked very hard to help us have a successful auction; you had a lot of wonderful suggestions and ideas. You were professional, provided auction items, very helpful in providing advice about the flow of the auction, and you provided needed materials (silent auction form template and bidder paddles)…you made our job so much easier. My sister said it was the most exciting auction that she has ever attended…she said you were very enthusiastic. Our guest were bidding and bidding high dollars too. I was so happy when I came out from the stock/inventory room and saw that everything was sold…I was so impressed..

Ben, you are a magnificent auctioneer…I highly recommend you to anybody that’s having an auction. Keep up the good work and God bless you.”

– Sharon Sullivan
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

“Chatham Animal Rescue and Education had the absolute pleasure of working with Ben Farrell for our 5th annual Burrito Bash with silent and live auction. We experimented with a live auction last year at our 4th annual Burrito Bash – and it seemed to go over well with our animal lovers. This year, we asked Ben to take our live auction to the next level. He consulted with our fundraising committee and provided creative recommendations on our live and silent auctions to maximize our donations. Not only is he an auctioneer extraordinaire, he kept the crowd entertained and engaged throughout the night.

We achieved 142% of our fundraising goal using the auction method for the Burrito Bash which will help us with our mission to promote the health and safety of all cats and dogs in Chatham County. The animals of Chatham County say Woof and Meow! Thank you!”

– Karen Sirls
Chatham Animal Rescue and Education, Inc.

“On behalf of Carolina Ballet and the 2010 Cinderella Ball Committee, I want to sincerely thank you for your enthusiasm, professionalism and guidance at this year’s gala. It was the highest netting fund raiser in our organization’s history and the experience you brought to the event contributed significantly to our success.

From your willingness to give freely of your time through the planning stages to the way you handled the frenzy of the evening, it was clear that you were not only familiar with each of the auction items but also with Carolina Ballet’s mission and the importance of the paddle auction for our pointe shoe fund.

Twice I have tried to recommend you and twice you have already been the auctioneer for the event. I think that speaks volumes for your reputation.

We look forward to working with you again.”

– Michele Weathers
Special Events Manager, Carolina Ballet


It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Col Benjamin B. Farrell.

I have observed Benjamin’s impressive “showmanship” auctioneer abilities both at an event which I attended and an event for which I hired him. He was our auctioneer for the National Restaurant Association’s Political Action Committee. This is a group of hoteliers and restaurateurs from all over the country that is not so easy to impress. He was the best thing that could have ever happened to our event! We raised 25% more funds than we have ever raised in past years on both our silent and live auctions. Benjamin did a fantastic job at working the crowd with his charm and talent; and his enthusiasm was simply contagious!! He kept the crowd excited, entertained and was a joy to work with. He truly is an expert in his field of auctioneering in every way.

Benjamin is a very kind individual, easy to talk to and gave some great suggestions and advice. He is worth every penny and I highly recommend him! I truly believe if you listen to him and follow his advice he can help any organization raise the bar.

It is with great pleasure to recommend Benjamin Farrell for any position that he chooses to pursue. Thank you very much for your time and sincere consideration.

– Van Eure, Owner
The Angus Barn, Ltd.