Custom Benefit Auctions
Col Benjamin B. Farrell
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Mobile Bidding Expert

Benjamin Farrell and Custom Benefit Auctions have been working with Mobile Bidding Software from its inception.  Mobile Bidding offers huge advantages for guests, donors, and most importantly organizations and their staff.

Custom Benefit Auctions will assist you with making the most with Mobile Bidding by:

1.  Creating an effective timeline.

2.  Creating and exciting “Final Countdown” to close the silent auction.

3.  Orchestrating a “Fund-A-Need Finale”

4.  Designing custom ScoreBoards and Leaderboards to promote collective giving.

5.  Designing powerful Mobile Giving Fund-A-Need and Direct Appeals to include every guest!

6.  Educate organizations on the pros and cons with each Mobile Bidding provider.


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Happy Bidding and Giving!