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BA7U2781Customized Fee Structure For Your Event

Raise more profit with a Professional Benefit Auctioneer!
A professional benefit auctioneer raises more money while entertaining your guests! Presenting exciting, enthusiastic, and energetic bid-calling, your auctioneer will “raise the bar” for your organization’s goals. At Custom Benefit Auctions our goal is to create a fun, high spirited, giving environment so your guests will have fun while your event results in success.

Option 1: The Buyer’s Premium
Nationwide, many non-profit organizations and foundations prefer to use the standard Buyer’s Premium at auction. This is a contribution made by the highest winning bidders that serves to underwrite our professional auction services. Your organization pays nothing, and you keep 100% of the total dollars bid. That is a true Benefit!

Option 2: Flat Fee with Bonus Incentives
Occasionally, some large organizations and established event managers have a budget pre-determined for their auction services. The flat rate with a graduated bonus incentive is designed for those clients who budget annually for auction services and choose to absorb the costs internally or secure external, donated underwriting. The bonus incentives encourage the auctioneer and team to push to the next level in reaching previously unattainable goals.

Option 3: Percentage of the Proceeds
Other organizations choose to take a portion of their profit to compensate for auction services. For these organizations, Custom Benefit Auctions can arrange for a percentage of the auction proceeds to cover our services.


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